FUNaThon™ Multi-Giving Initiative

FUNaTHON™ Multi-Giving Initiative

Let’s Have Some FUN!

"By working together and having a good time, we are more open and able to deal with negative circumstances in a compassionate and understanding way.  We are better able to provide strong support and lasting solutions when we first create a space of openness and acceptance."--Amy Thomson


To create an opportunity for everyone to interconnect and play together for the greater good of the world.
Build Relationships. Solve Problems. Have Fun.--Together.

Benefits of FUNaTHON™

♦ A level playing field for worthy causes
♦ Natural opportunities to build solid friendships
♦ Communication and understanding
♦ Acceptance of others and ourselves
♦ Opportunities collaborate & educate
♦ A fun way for people to support your cause
♦ Happier, more cohesive work teams
♦ Freedom to be ourselves
♦ Resource sharing
♦ Greater community involvement
♦ Making new friends
♦ Pure fun & joy

A Brief History of FUNaTHON™

The first FUNaTHON™ was held in 2013.  It was initiated by a small group of people at Create.Build.Inspire. and successfully raised funds for 10 local non-profit initiatives.

It was born out of a dream.  Literally, Amy Thomson woke up one morning knowing she had to do this.  Prior to that, she spent many years volunteering for non-profits.  She saw a lot of wasted time, effort and resources.  Small non-profits were run off their feet trying to complete projects, while spending too much time & energy competing for resources and man-power.  Additionally, since organizations were competing for the same resources, it created a lack of trust and cooperation--which also didn't work.

Collaboration can make things so much easier--for everyone.  Many hands make light work.  Additionally, sharing resources allows organizations to cut costs significantly, allowing greater project success.  And of course, trust is a big factor.  Teams and organizations need to be able to work together and really get to know each other.  What better way to do this than create an opportunity for people to come together, get goofy and have fun?  Relationships formed out of genuinely being ourselves and having a good time are much more likely to cause success in any endeavor than ones where we have hidden agendas.  So, FUNaTHON™ is a chance to give up our agendas for a day and just have fun!

"Freedom to be ourselves gives us access to power we wouldn't have otherwise; it clears us of worry and gives us strength, insight. It also allows us to be open to possibility and solutions."--Amy Thomson

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