Fun, Family and Fitness–Affirming Arts™ Interview With Crystal Chen


Crystal Chen shares inspiring insights, stories and ideas regarding family, fun and fitness as she tells us about her up and coming book. Crystal is writing a book for parents and families, which features enlightening stories, and focuses on creating quality time with loved ones in a fast-paced world, where it seems like we don't have much time.

Crystal is so easy to be around. Her passion and experience comes through in everything she does.  She describes herself as a 'Fitness junkie who's addicted to learning, dancing and personal/professional growth.'

I met Crystal during a course at the Think and Grow Rich Institute.  She was one of the very first Affirming Animals™ customers.  Since then we have expanded our line and now offer more Affirming Arts™ to help empower and inspire people to love each other.  At the same time, Crystal was getting more in touch with her authentic and creative self and discovered some of her own unique gifts to bring to the world.  And she's doing it!  Congratulations Crystal for being in action and serving the world through your creativity and power!  🙂

Also, thank you Crystal for the kind words you said about the work we do here at Create.Build.Inspire.  And for giving your thoughts on the Prints for Praise Kickstarter Campaign, where we are aiming to empower 10,000 Children to Love and Appreciate Themselves.  You can learn more about the campaign and support it by clicking here.

I'm just so happy to have had a chance to interview you, and that you put me in your video.  Thank you!  It was unexpected, but very cool to have been a guest.  We discussed Finding and Following Your Purpose.  Check it out!

Crystal is looking for additional stories for her upcoming book.  If you have any stories about family and connecting with them, let us know by posting in the comments below and I'll do my best to connect you with Crystal. 🙂


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