Empowering Local Women and Families in Need through Affirming Arts™


Recently we visited Gillian's place in St. Catharines to give a gift that can help to empower the women and children transitioning through difficult times in their lives. We gifted 10 of the I Love Affirming Arts™ Colouring Books, 6 small posters and a handful of greeting cards, all containing hand-drawn images made entirely out of positive affirmations.  This is Volume 1 of the Affirming Arts™ Colouring Book Series created by Amy Thomson (Shown in the video with Nicole from Gillian's Place).

This empowering colouring book can be purchased here: https://www.createspace.com/6792992

This is more than just a coloring book. It is a coloring activity book designed to help people feel good. All images are carefully hand-drawn using only positive affirmations and words to help inspire, encourage and motivate people to be happier, healthier and follow their dreams.

This book includes 15 Affirming Arts(tm) coloring pages, 6 pages to write your own positive affirmations on, plus drawing pages and instructions on how to make your own Affirming Arts(tm) Images, so you can create your own personalized images, to help you feel empowered to live your life the way you want to.

This book is designed to help you positively shift your thinking so you can set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, feel good, build better habits and make great choices for your life.

Live Your Best Life Possible! You deserve it!

Gillian's Place is one of Ontario's first shelters for abused women and children.  It provides safe refuge and non-residential programs that enable women and their children to break the cycle of violence and has been for over 30 years. More than 17,000 women and their children have found safe emergency shelter and essential support services since 1977.


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