Denise Boyko–Personal Stories, Triumphs & What It Takes To Be Physically Fit


One of my favourite Affirming Arts™ Interviews so far. So much valuable information, and experiences we can all relate to. This video contains 2 parts, so be sure to watch both! 🙂

Denise is a Certified Personal Training Specialist/ Nutrition Advisor and Childrens Fitness Coach who strongly believes in the necessity of an active lifestyle!
Her mission is to motivate, encourage and guide you to a healthier and happier life. Teaching proper technique is essential in preventing injury as a result, you’ll benefit from being more balanced, stronger, and more flexible!
Having fun is also essential in making exercise a lifestyle!


Certified in CPR
Qualified in TRX suspension training
Level 1 Certification with DTS (Darby Training Systems)
Assessment and Exercise! (Assessing the body to improve client outcomes)
Children’s Fitness Coach (CanFitPro)


You can contact Denise through her website at

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