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Our minds are inundated with influences from everyone and everything around us. What we allow into our minds does indeed affect us. Affirming Animals™ are powerful and beautiful images that can go into any environment, to help bring intention and positivity back into people's lives.

Affirming Animals™ are hand drawn creations made from only positive affirmations and messages.  They're meant to help improve a person's relationship to self, family, friends, community, environment and world.  They're also intended to help people live peacefully and enjoyably.  If you'd like to know more, check out our FAQs Page.

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Inspiration and Updates

Working to Make Something Good Better

There is a lot going on in our school system today to help children feel good about themselves, and I’d like to give credit to all of the people who have been helping to make that happen. There are anti-bullying campaigns, paying it forward initiatives, classroom VIPs, Student of the Month, Character Traits and more. […]

Help for the Homeless–How Affirming Arts™ Can Make A Difference

It was great to get to see the face of one of the people who received our ‘I Love Affirming Arts™ Colouring Book’ at YWCA last week.  While we were there, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman who suffers from bipolar disorder.  She was extremely pleased to receive the colouring book and […]

Learn. Speak. Socialize.–Affirming Arts™ Interview with Jim Pagiamtzis

It was so much fun interviewing Jim Pagiamtzis!  What a pleasant and dynamic character! He is a great speaker who has made it his mission and business to Learn, Speak, and Socialize. During this Affirming Arts™ interview at Shoeless Joes in Toronto, Jim shares his experiences in a fun and entertaining way. He gives valuable […]

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