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Check Out These Books My Kids & I Wrote!

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Transform Your Mind

This colouring book will help you feel great! These hand-drawn images use only positive affirmations and words that inspire, encourage and motivate people to be happier, healthier and follow their dreams.

This book includes:
♦ 15 Affirming Arts™ colouring pages
♦ 6 pages to write your own positive affirmations on
♦ Drawing pages for you to make your own Affirming Arts™ Images
♦ And Instructions on How To Make Them

You'll be able to create your own personalized images, with affirmations that pertain to your life so you can be empowered to live your life the way you want to.

Shift your thinking so you can set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, feel good, build better habits and make great choices for your life.

Live Your Best Life Possible! You deserve it!

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A Personal Favourite! <3

Valerie and the Enchanted Forest
Story-Seek Adventures Book 1

This fun, wordsearch/story/colouring book was written by kids (My kids, in fact), and can be enjoyed at all ages!
It's about Valerie, a Unicorn-Pegasus who ends up on the adventure of a lifetime when her home in the Enchanted Forest is in great danger. 

My 7 year old wrote this story and both of my kids drew the artwork and made the wordsearches.  I formatted the book for them and I couldn't be prouder of the two of them. They overcame all challenges of working together, and stayed on this project until completion. 🙂

And I'm not kidding when I say it's one of my favourite books ever. It's not just because my kids wrote it.  I just think it's super fun, and a great story!

(You should see my book now. It's all mangled. I've coloured almost every page. I've only got 3 wordsearches and 6 colouring pages left to do. Great book!) 😀

Journeys to Success Vol 2.

Amazon #1 Best Seller

This compilation of Journeys to Success is the second volume in this extraordinary series of books.  Once again Tom Cunningham brings together 20 men and women in all walks of life, from 7 different countries. Each author shares how they have used Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success in their daily lives to pursue their dreams.

But these aren’t happy go lucky stories. Each author recounts their personal experiences, revealing secrets from their own journey, sacred moments of failure and the wisdom gained and the lessons learned that have allowed them to dramatically shift life’s obstacles into life changing success.

Amy Thomson is a contributing author to this Amazon #1 Best Seller

Foreword by Bob Proctor
Introduction by Tom “too tall” Cunningham