Tap into higher creativity to get clear. Amy Thomson will show you how to live your ultimate life by helping you rediscover and use creative flow to it's maximum potential. Have more and better ideas, solve problems, resolve conflicts, become more self-aware, tap into minds of others, and more. This method of coaching combines traditional personal development and coaching with techniques that allow for greater energy flow and connection with self. Find out how you can use your unique gifts to live your passions and provide value for others. Amy's Top-Notch Creative Clarity Coaching helps her clients get clear on who they are, what they want, what their purpose is, set clear goals, create definite plans, overcome obstacles, build confidence, improve relationships and communication, and take the action steps towards living by their design.

What Type of Results to Expect

♦ Feeling more self-aware and self-confident
♦ Having an easier time making and sticking to decisions
♦ Doing more of what they love and less of what they don't
♦ Having success in areas they previously struggled with
♦ Improved physical and emotional health
♦ Higher quality sleep
♦ Better relationships
♦ Being More Creative
♦ Communicating with ease
♦ A more positive attitude
♦ Improved Problem Solving Skills
♦ Increased ability to handle obstacles with ease
♦ Getting more of what they want
♦ Reduced Stress
♦ Having More Fun

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