...And get results faster. Amy provides personal and corporate Creative Clarity workshops and speaking events to large and small groups. They're always fun and interactive. Participants get clear on what they want, what makes them special and how their unique gifts can benefit others. Amy's events add to personal and work lives by helping people feel clear, confident and empowered. They become happier, more understanding and appreciative of others. Each workshop participant creates a tangible object to take home, which assists them in keeping their intentions in mind, allowing them to more easily make choices in line with their intentions, and get results faster.


Tap into higher creativity to get clear. I will show you how to live your ultimate life by helping you rediscover and use creative flow to it's maximum potential. Have more and better ideas, solve problems, resolve conflicts, become more self-aware, tap into minds of others, and more. This method of coaching combines traditional personal development and coaching with techniques that allow for greater energy flow and connection with self. Find out how you can use your unique gifts to live your passions and provide value for others. My Top-Notch Creative Clarity Coaching helps my clients get clear on who they are, what they want, what their purpose is, set clear goals, create definite plans, overcome obstacles, build confidence, improve relationships and communication, and take the action steps towards living by their design.  

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Denise Boyko–Personal Stories, Triumphs & What It Takes To Be Physically Fit

One of my favourite Affirming Arts™ Interviews so far. So much valuable information, and experiences we can all relate to. This video contains 2 parts, so be sure to watch both! 🙂 Denise is a Certified Personal Training Specialist/ Nutrition Advisor and Childrens Fitness Coach who strongly believes in the necessity of an active lifestyle! […]

Working to Make Something Good Better

There is a lot going on in our school system today to help children feel good about themselves, and I’d like to give credit to all of the people who have been helping to make that happen. There are anti-bullying campaigns, paying it forward initiatives, classroom VIPs, Student of the Month, Character Traits and more. […]

Help for the Homeless–How Affirming Arts™ Can Make A Difference

It was great to get to see the face of one of the people who received our ‘I Love Affirming Arts™ Colouring Book’ at YWCA last week.  While we were there, I had the pleasure of meeting a young woman who suffers from bipolar disorder.  She was extremely pleased to receive the colouring book and […]

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