Affirming Arts™ Interview with Sivam Velautham–The Wealth Connector 


You can get financial advice from anywhere. But it's in your best interest to be selective in who you listen to.  

In fact, I know a lot of people who are very good with money. I know a lot of great financial advisors and planners too.  But they have different approaches and are not all created equal. 

I want to share with you an interview that I did with the gentleman who has found his niche in helping people transform their thinking around money to match their financial dreams and he also assists with training and tools to make good financial things happen.

It's seldom I come across a financial advisor who looks at assisting people with their thoughts and their entire situation. Too many financial advisors and planners strictly look at things from an analytical perspective. They give you the tools. They may teach you how to use them. And they expect you to do the rest. It sounds good in theory. But every one of us has thoughts, habits, and beliefs that need to be taken into account, if we are to change our financial future. 

There's a disconnect between people knowing something doing something. This is where Sivam Velautham has found his niche. He is known as the wealth connector. He helps people recognize and change their thoughts to align with what they want to have and then teaches them how to put the proper actions into place.

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