Amy’s Personal Philosophies

♦ Live Intuitively, Set Goals, Take Action, Follow Through
♦ Your Only Competition Is Yourself
♦ Enjoy the Process and the Unfolding
♦ Don't Fight It. Let It Flow
♦ See Everything as a Gift
♦ Every Negative Has a Greater, More Positive Gift Hiding Within It. Keep Looking Until You Find It
♦ We Are All One. Love Yourself and One Another
♦ Experience is the Mother of All Teachers
♦ Knowledge is Power, Only When Utilized
♦ The Lesson Continues Until the Lesson is Learned. So Learn Quickly
♦ Make the Move Before You're Ready
♦ It Doesn't Matter How Many Times You Fall Off the Horse; Just How Quickly You Learn to Get Back On
♦ Sometimes You Have to Slow Down to Go Faster
♦ Everyone is Gifted
♦ Don't Wait to Have Fun or Be Happy. Have Fun and BE Happy With Everything You Do
♦ Now IS the Time. Enjoy NOW
♦ If You Want to Go Out and You're Not Ready, Who Cares? Go Out Anyway! No Makeup and Dressed Down Clothes DOESN'T CHANGE WHO YOU ARE!!!
♦ Check Into Yourself Many Times Per Day
♦ Feel Everything's Vibrational Energy. Recognize It And Allow Only What You Want
♦Anything IS Possible
♦ Gossip and Judging Pollutes the World
♦ Please, Thank You and Congratulations Are Magic Words
♦ Care About People
♦ Everyone is Amazing. Connect With Their Soul
♦ Don't Give Into People's Stories
♦ Ask Yourself For Answers
♦ Toughen Up Buttercup
♦ Decisions Made From Fear Are ALWAYS Go Wrong. Decisions Made Out of Love Lead to Good Results.
♦ Energy Is Fun. Learn to Use It. And Use It Wisely.

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