Alex Leikermoser on Happiness


Thank you so much, Alex for sharing what happiness is to you.

Happiness to me is when I see people like you (Alex) doing extraordinary things to make a positive difference in what they believe in...especially the environment. 😀


Here's what I have to say about Alex  🙂

Alex Leikermoser is a truly remarkable person. Because of her, my family uses way less plastic than they did before. She had a Thirsty 30 Challenge that I took part in, where we were to go a complete 30 days without using any plastic water bottles (refillable only). And since it was so easy to do it for 30 days, we just decided to keep going. Of course, benefitting the environment is truly our motivation, Alex's dedication served as a reminder that there are many of us; and as we all know... 'Many hands make light work.' 

The challenge she did, and how it got my family so easily involved serves as a reminder for me that doing small things in a great way can have a huge impact on the world. So, thank you again Alex. Keep up the amazing work!!

Here are Alex's websites if you'd like to connect with her.

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