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Amy is an award-winning creative director, coach, author and speaker. She helps people gain clarity in their lives, get clear on their purpose and plan; and create opportunities for people to collaborate, create and realize their greatness.

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♦ Affirming Animals™
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Workshops, Speaking & Coaching on:
♦ Happiness & Fulfillment
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♦ Creative Clarity


♦ Empower 50,000 People Project

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Betsy Tauro

Sing Us A Song, Betsy! : An Affirming Arts™ Interview with Betsy Tauro

This has to be one of my favourite Affirming Arts™ Interviews so far.  I love the message Betsy shares and enjoyed her singing and piano playing so much that I wanted to hear more. Betsy is a multi-talented and super musical woman with a passion for inspiring others to love what they do and share […]

Dorothy Guay

Ready To Go Staging: An Affirming Arts™ Interview with Dorothy Guay

I’ve known Dorothy Guay for many years and I always enjoy seeing her.  What I enjoy more than that, is watching her evolution as she is living out her passions.  And boy, is she passionate about staging!  Watch this video to learn a little about Dorothy and how she contributes to the health and happiness […]

Denim Purse

Affirming Arts™ Interview With Pat Taylor from Play It Again Purses by Patricia

What a wonderful woman!  If you ever want to be around someone who makes you feel warm, welcome and at home; this is the gal I’d recommend.  I went to visit Pat Taylor to learn more about her purses: Why she makes them, how she does it, how it helps the world, etc.  And I found […]

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