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Amy is an award-winning creative director, coach, author and speaker. She helps people gain clarity in their lives, get clear on their purpose and plan; and create opportunities for people to collaborate, create and realize their greatness.

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We’ve added new photo’s of all our latest Affirming Animal™ products to the Affirming Animals™ gallery and our online Shop.

Love Is A Verb–Myth #5

LOVE IS A VERB: MYTH #5 We all know people who have difficulties in their relationships, whether it’s keeping a happy one, a committed one, or even one at all. And for some of us, we may have even been or still are one of these people. So, today, we’re continuing to bust through some […]

Love Is A Verb–Myth #4

LOVE IS A VERB: MYTH #4 I’m continuing to bust through some common misconceptions about love and relationships because I think every single person on earth deserves to be happy. And how good is life without good relationships? Relationships are a huge part of happiness, so dig in and enjoy! Access To FreedomMyth #4:  A […]

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